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New 2.1 Release of IPV Curator

IPV's new Curator 2.1 builds on the success of 2.0 by expanding the easy configuration and support introduced in our last major release. User experience has been enhanced in a number of areas throughout the Curator applications to ensure that even the smallest creative team can use Curator to manage their content effectively. As well as enhancements to the products we already offer, we’re launching Curator Analytics 1.0 to help you make the most of your content using a data-driven approach. Now you’ll be able to track your investment in content and ensure that all of your team are getting value from Curator.

What can I do now? New features in Curator 2.1

  • Make more of your metadata straight from Clip Link You sometimes wanted to edit metadata when you were viewing assets through Clip Link. Previously you had to do this in Clip Select, disrupting your workflow. We’ve made it possible to edit metadata directly within Clip Link, so it will be easier and faster. A new experience for bulk editing metadata means that you’ll be able to ensure that your metadata is as useful as possible in far fewer clicks. Useful for: Small creative teams who need to be able to manage their assets effectively.

  • Work faster and more accurately with Curator Logger New player controls allow you to skip forward and back, as well as hold to fast-forward and rewind – so it’s now even easier to navigate through your content. Useful for: Loggers who need maximum speed and accuracy when working quickly.

  • Edit even more easily in Curator for Adobe You can now add any project to Curator straight from Adobe, saving time and giving you more flexibility when moving between projects quickly. You can even launch the logger from Curator for Adobe, cutting down on the number of clicks between finding, logging and editing your content. Useful for: Editors working on live sports content with a fast turnaround.

  • Analytics 1.0 We know that data is important to modern organizations – 81% of businesses say that they expect to use analytics in their decision-making processes*. 1 Curator Analytics gives you easy access to data about your Curator system, so you can improve your processes, reduce costs and increase your output. You have the flexibility to choose how you want to analyze and visualize your data to get the information that’s most valuable for your business. Analytics will help you to see where you can save even more time and money. Useful for: Team leaders who need to understand which content and resources are most valuable.

Understand and support Curator better

  • Customer Portal The IPV Customer Portal contains all the materials you need to understand and start using Curator, including our Quick Start Guides, as well as lots of resources explaining different features and functionality.

  • Easier configuration The new Curator System Administrator centralizes configuration for many applications, so you’ll no longer have to do it through config files. Device Director configuration now also takes place through the Device Director monitor. All of this will make config errors less likely.

  • Knowledge Base As well as the Customer Portal, we’ve now set up the Knowledge Base, which contains answers to common support questions and issues, helping you to be more self-sufficient.

Latest integrations

We’re always working to ensure that you can take advantage of the products you’re familiar with from within Curator. The latest new integrations included in 2.1 are:

  • Root 6: ContentAgent

  • Amberfin Dark (transcoding)

  • Amberfin Unified QC

  • AWS SQS queue

Advanced video workflow for OTMM

Curator 2.1 will also be optimized for our Advanced Video Workflow for OTMM 1.1, which extends the capabilities of OTMM to help users effectively manage video productions and meet the needs of creative teams. With the Advanced Video Workflow, you’ll be able to find, log and create with assets stored in OTMM. Your feedback is really important to us, so please let us know what you think of Curator 2.1.

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