• John Prather

End of Year Savings on

the BEST Solution for Facebook Live!

We've posted before about how the Wowza ClearCaster appliance is incredibly resilient, with the ability to immediately recover from a power outage and continue streaming once power is restored (Don't Unplug That Server!). We also have posted a lot of additional information and a short video introduction to the ClearCaster on our website showing why it is the best solution available for Facebook Live streaming that can even simulcast to most other destinations with the Wowza Streaming Cloud (see Wowza ClearCaster). Now we want to save you thousands of dollars off the regular retail price of the ClearCaster through the end of 2018.

We can't publish the discounted price as it is lower than what we are allowed to advertise but from now until midnight December 31, 2018, you can save thousands of dollars off the $5,495 retail price for the ClearCaster by e-mailing sales@bridgedigitalinc.com with a short note requesting a promo code and telling us what you plan to stream with it (your use case won't effect the ability to get a discount - we're just curious how you are going to use it). With the promo code you can order the ClearCaster right off our website and pay with credit card, or you can talk to a sales representative about setting up a purchase account with Bridge Digital to buy on terms. Get your order in before the end of the year and your discounted price is locked in, even if our stock of this fast-selling appliance sells out.

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