• John Prather

Webinar Recording: Real-Time Captioning - No Internet Required!

Captioning is not only a desired service but is a requirement for ADA Compliance. Current solutions using cloud services over the Internet can be expensive and the costs are not predictable. What if you could predict your cost on captioning with a proven ROI?

Link Electronics' new ACE-2000, ACE-2100, and ACE-2200 servers are Automated Captioning Engines that receive audio containing speech and using a cutting-edge computational linguistics program, convert speech to text and sends that text out with captioning data to be encoded by a closed captioning encoder or as a file for off-line editing. The ACE units are able to achieve 95 percent accuracy in English and Spanish with an average delay of 3-5 seconds.

The system does not need to be “taught” and is updated regularly. Words can be manually entered into the system's dictionary to increase the accuracy. To further ADA compliance, the ACE can identify individual speakers by processing voice prints to provide a speaker ID with the automatic closed captions.

This Webinar will provide an overview of the ACE systems, a demonstration of how the system works on actual media, and Q&A to give you a full understanding of what the system is capable of.

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