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Intelligent RDMA-enabled network adapter card with advanced application offload capabilities for High-Performance Computing, Web2.0, Cloud and Storage platforms


©2018 Mellanox Technologies. All rights reserved.For illustration only. Actual products may vary.ConnectX-5 EN supports two ports of 100Gb Ethernet connectivity, while delivering low sub-600ns latency, extremely high message rates, PCIe switch and NVMe over Fabric offloads. ConnectX-5 providing the highest performance and most flexible solution for the most demanding applications and markets: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, and more

ConnectX®-5 EN Card100Gb/s Ethernet Adapter Card

    • Tag matching and rendezvous offloads
    • Adaptive routing on reliable transport
    • Burst buffer offloads for background checkpointing
    • NVMe over Fabric (NVMe-oF) offloads
    • Back-end switch elimination by host chaining
    • Embedded PCIe switch
    • Enhanced vSwitch/vRouter offloads
    • Flexible pipeline
    • RoCE for overlay networks
    • PCIe Gen 4 support
    • Up to 100Gb/s connectivity per port
    • Industry-leading throughput, low latency, low CPU utilization and high message rate
    • Maximizes data center ROI with Multi-Host technology
    • Innovative rack design for storage and Machine Learning based on Host Chaining technology
    • Smart interconnect for x86, Power, Arm, and GPU-based compute and storage platforms
    • Advanced storage capabilities including NVMe over Fabric offloads
    • Intelligent network adapter supporting flexible pipeline programmability
    • Cutting-edge performance in virtualized networks including Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
    • Enabler for efficient service chaining capabilities
    • Efficient I/O consolidation, lowering data center costs and complexity