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Rental includes one (1) MRNet+ mobile router unit and 10GB per 24-hour period*. Select quantity for each day of use**. 


*The first 10GB per 24-hour period are free. Data exceeding 10GB per each 24-hour period will be charged $15 per additional GB usage.


**The number of billing days is subject to duration:

Weeks 1 and 2, select quantity 3 usage days for each week (i.e., 3 or 6)

For each additional week after week 2, add quantity 2 (i.e., 6+2+2, etc.).


- Perfect for high-fidelity multi-feed live streaming compatible with any professional video hardware.

3 LTE modems bonded together to provide a redundant connection up to 100 Mbps
PoE or AC adaptor power supply
2.4 / 5 GHz Wi-Fi network
WAN port for existing broadband which can be set up in failover or bonding modes
Includes shockproof travel case


Daily Rental - MRNet+ NaaS Unit


Customs and Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

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