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An Embrionix EB22HDRT-LM-0514 with emOPT-1E-2110 Encapsulator software installed to convert a 2-Channel video source into an uncompressed SMPTE2110 IP stream to go through an IP network.

The EB22HDRT-LM-0514 software-defined SFP (emSFP) is an agile platform that can be used as a gateway converter or many other processing function. The SFP is installed inside an IP switch and can receive two SDI input on the connector side and creates multiple IP streams to the host connection. The platform can run different software defining the functionality of the device. Each software program is available as a separate option via a license program. The SFP can be defined to run ST2022-6, ST2022-7, ASI to IP and many other functions.


  • Single platform, many functions, in-line with virtualization trend
  • Future-proof investment (Software Defined emSFP)
  • Low cost conversion for an easy transition to IP
  • Space, power and weight economies
  • In field, updatable



  • Software defined platform capable of running different programs including ST2110, ST2022-6/7, ST2202-1/2 encapsulation
  • Zero additional footprint
  • Modularity of Gateway process by one channel
  • Future-proof format flexible agility
  • Low power consumption
  • Simplified setup and control
  • Simple Restful API for third party control system

Embrionix EB22HDRT-LM-0514 emSFP HD-BNC Dual Channel Sender with emOPT-2E-2110 I