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The Embrionix EB34TD1R-SN is an electrical emSFP Non-MSA receiver module designed to convert HDMI to an SDI signal output without scaling artifacts. Up to 2 channels of PCM audio are supported. The video SFP EB34TD1R-SN is an HDMI1.4 and DVI1.0 to SDI video sfp (emSFP) converter. This video SFP is designed to convert HDMI 1.4 or DVI 1.0 input to an legal smpte SDI (3G, HD,SD-SDI) signal without scaling artifacts. This HDMI/DVI video SFP contains frame buffer to suppresses the accumulated low and high frequency jitter (Timing and alignment). Up to 2 channels of HDMI embedded 8 audio PCM channels are re- embedded in the SDI stream. These modules convert from HDMI v1.4/ DVI 1.0 to SDI or from SDI to HDMI v1.4. Converter is built inside the Video SFP and standalone.

The smallest HDMI/DVI to SDI video converters available, the Embrionix Video SFP converts HDMI 2.0a, HDMI 2.0b, HDMI v1.4/ DVI 1.0 to 12G/6G/3G/SD-SDI or from SDI (12G-SDI, 6G-SDI, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SD-SDI) to HDMI v1.4 and HDMI 2.0. The solution is designed around an inputs/outputs interchangeable SFP form factor. Installed inside an SFP cages hosted by other equipment manufacturers, the modules can be interchanged to provide a different mix of input and output connectivity.

Embrionix emSFP HDMI converters employ HDMI-Type D connections featuring a retention clip for connection security.


  • High-density and future-proof architecture
  • Pathological signal support
  • Superior jitter management and signal regeneration
  • Monitoring and diagnostics at the edge of your product via serial communication
  • Superior link budget performance compare to the ST-297 specification
  • Highest optical performance (fiber stub) and lowest defect rate in the market



  • ST-424/ST-292/ST-259 compliant Supports video format 525, 625, 720p, 1080i (50/59.94/60Hz), 1080p(23.98/24/25/29.94/30/50/59.94/60Hz) HDMI/DVI input: 24 bit (3x8 bits)
  • RGB 4:4:4, YCbCr 4:2:2, YCbCr 4:4:4 RGB Range (Full/SMPTE)
  • Up to 8 channel audio de-embedding (PCM)
  • HDMI 1.4 Type D connector
  • HDMI Type D plug with retention
  • Control via serial interface includes: Voltage & temperature monitoring Module information Hot pluggable and Hot removable with HDMI cable connected
  • Operating temperature range of 0C to 70C
  • Single supply: +3.3V
  • SFP/SFP+ package: 58.5mm x 13.4mm x 8.6mm

Embrionix HDMI/DVI To SDI Video SFP (emSFP) Converter - Single Receiver - Non-MS

  • Embrionix HDMI/DVI To SDI Video SFP (emSFP) Converter - Single Receiver - Non-MSA