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Embrionix’s MADI - IP Bi-directional Gateway can convert a one MADI signal into IP steams while also offering the receive of IP streams for conversion into a single MADI signal.
The SFP+ form-factor product is designed to be installed directly inside an IP switch or as a standalone miniature converter that can be installed near your equipment. The device connects MADI signal via 1310nm multimode fiber and IP at the host connector. The bi-directional solution uses ST2110-30 encapsulation standard and allows each audio channels to be mapped into up to 8 flows.

ST2110 MADI emSFP Bi Directional Gateway

    • Choice of SFP+ base platform with MSA pinout can be installed directly inside an IP switch and Standalone miniature frame
    • ST2110-30/31 encapsulation
    • 64 MADI (AES-10) audio Bi-directional
    • Built-in Audio Frame Rate Converter
    • Support of ST2022-7
    • Audio shuffling and breakaway functionality
    • Support of LLDP (network physical location)
    • In-band control with support of NMOS, EMBER+ and RESTful API
    • Free emSET configuration and monitoring software tool
    • Future-proof investment (Software Defined emSFP)
    • Low cost conversion for an easy transition to IP
    • Space, power and weight economies
    • In field, up-gradable