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The Embrionix emSFP ST2110 IP UHD-to-SD/HD/3G down converter enables 4K UHD IP content to be seamlessly viewed and monitored on a HDMI display in a lower resolution while maintaining the sharpness of the original IP signal. The miniature emSFP down converter repurposes existing SD/HD/3G multiviewers and display monitors so they can be reused for 4K UHD production. The downconverter makes efficient use of the IP system by carrying lower-bandwidth signals across the network. A high-quality filter ensures the display of pristine video images configurable to the broadcaster’s preferred resolution – whether HD or 3G.

This solution is ideal to be used upstream to computer based multiviewers that are limited in the number of UHD signals they can display, or that can be processed, or where the cost of processing power required to display additional signals is prohibitive.
Other hardware multiviewers might be limited to a fixed set of 3G image processes which can be up to 4 x less for UHD images.

Drive existing 1080p HDMI monitors in their native resolution.

ST2110 UHD Down Converter

    • High-quality scaling engine
    • Ultra-modular solution
    • Space efficient
    • Low power consumption
    • Software upgradeable
    • Simplified setup and control
    • Simple Restful API for third-party control system
    • emSFP)
    • Enables monitoring of UHD within your existing monitoring system
    • Enables display of more UHD pip per multiviewer output
    • Saves on multiviewer processing power and cost