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TThe ST2110 UHD emSFP Dual Encapsulator can be installed inside the emMODULAR frame or in any 25GE IP switch. The processor provides 2 channels of encapsulation from any HD/3G/12G SDI signal to ST2110 IP streams.

ST2110 encapsulation:
The ST2110 encapsulator supports one (1 x) video, ancillary data flows (ST2110-20, ST2110-40) and 8 x audio flows (ST2110-30). Audio mapping is available through an internal 16x128 audio channel matrix.

SDI input feeds can be free-run and frame sync carried out via an optional frame synchronizer.

The modular design of the miniature frame allows the re-use of software-defined emSFPs and can store up to 4 x software

ST2110 UHD emSFP Dual Encapsulator

    • Ultra-modular solution
    • Space efficient
    • Support of UHD
    • Auto-sensing of HD/3G/12G input formats
    • Future-proof format agility
    • 1x ST2110-20, 8x ST2110-30 and 1x ST2110-40 flows
    • Frame synchronizer option
    • Built-in 16x128 audio channel matrix
    • Low power consumption
    • Upgradeable to various encapsulation formats
    • Simplified setup and control
    • Simple Restful API for third party control system
    • Future-proof investment (software-defined emSFP)
    • Low cost conversion for an easy transition to IP
    • Space, power and weight economies
    • In-field, upgradeable