Tesla GPUs

NVIDIA virtual GPU (vGPU) software enables delivery of graphics-rich virtual desktops and workstations accelerated by NVIDIA® Tesla® GPUs, the most powerful data center GPUs on the market today. NVIDIA virtual GPU software divides Tesla GPU resources so the GPU can be shared across multiple virtual machines running any application—from office productivity to computer-aided design. NVIDIA virtual GPU software runs on Tesla GPUs based on NVIDIA Volta, NVIDIA Pascal™, and NVIDIA Maxwell™ architectures.

What Makes Tesla GPUs So Powerful?

Exceptional User Experience

Ultimate user experience, with the ability to support both compute and graphics workloads for every vGPU


Optimal Management and Monitoring

End-to-end management and monitoring for realtime insight into GPU performance. Broad partner integrations so you can use the tools you know and love


Predictable Performance

Consistent performance with guaranteed quality of service, whether on premises or in the cloud


Continuous Innovation

Regular cadence of new software releases to ensure you stay on top of the latest features and enhancements


Best User Density

Industry’s highest user-density solution with support for up to 24 virtual desktops per physical GPU. Lower TCO with up to eight vGPU profiles for the most flexibility to provision resources to match your users’ needs

Broadest Ecosystem Support

Support for all major hypervisors. Most extensive portfolio of professional apps certifications with Quadro drivers 

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